LD(Laser Diode)



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    ITEM Specification
    Overview • Epoxy Bonding of TEC, LD ASSY(COC), TH(Thermister), mPD ASSY, and Bridge chips to STEM transported from the loader. • Part loading of Blue sheet ring(4pcs), Gel/Wafflepak tray(4pcs) • 2 Work block(0deg, 0~90deg)
    Application • Laser diode(TO Cooled type) : 5.6Φ, 6.0Φ • Bond of TEC, LD Assy(COC), PD Assy(COC), Bridge chip …
    Bonding Method • Epoxy Dotting method
    Cycle time • About 10.0sec/cycle(Refer 1 Dot 1 Chip, Multi dot) - Optimal condition criteria (may vary depending on condition/environment)
    Bonding accuracy • [XY] ±15㎛, [θ]±1.5° - Depend on work/chip shape and precision - May change depending on STEM, SUB, PD, Collet status
    Dimension  (W*D*H) • 1,600*900*1,400(mm), (Excepted Tower Lamp) • Weight about 800kg
    Utility • AC 220V, 1 Phase(50Hz/60Hz, 1.0kw) • Air: 4~6㎏f /㎠, • VACUUM : -70kPa less then(120L/Min)