LD(Laser Diode)


  • Camera actuator assembly inline system(KSS-100A/ODM) KSS100A

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    ITEM Specification
    Overview • Grease dispensing on Ball guide and Inspection. • Grease dispensing on Lens carrier and ball mount on lens carrier. • Combine Ball guide and Lens carrier.
    Application • Camera module parts(Ball mounter .. ) • Dual in-line system
    Tact time • About 5.0sec/pcs - Follow the customer process
    Dimension  (W*D*H) • 5,000*1,200*1,400(mm) (Excepted Tower Lamp) • Weight about 1,500kg
    Utility • AC 220V, 1 Phase(50Hz/60Hz, 3.0kw) • Air: 4~6㎏f /㎠ • VACUUM : -70kPa less then(120L/Min)